Staff Directory

Headmaster: Nicole Robinson - Email

Assistant Headmaster: Alan Carter- Email 

Board Liaison: Ron Wiens - Email

School Bookkeeper: Laureen Hussey - Email

Administrative Assistant: Diana Fencil - Email

Administrative Assistant: Carrie Simpson - Email

Discovery House (Preschool)

Discovery Director


Deborah Myles:


Concrete House (Kindergarten)
Teacher Assistant
Cathy Bryson: Dawn Loveday:
Carol Sysol:
Suzie Rushlow:
Kelly Kieselbach: Laura Grefke:
Charmaine Wright: Ann Jackson:

Megan Bruen:

Tracie Hislop:



Imagination House (1st-3rd Grade)
Teacher Assistant
Susan Baggett: Jannette Jakubowski:
Kelly Mitchell: MaryAnn Ibarra:
Rebecca Goins: Andrea Biggar:
Allison Goroni: Heather Ellis:
Sherri Whitney: Jessica Marosan:
Elizabeth Sivako: Karen Kaminski:
Lisa Loger:
Darlene Ficek:
Terrie Sicotte: Dina Moore:
Kristine Stetz: Kathi Prior:
Deanna Wall:
Natalie Trezona:
Lindsay Boucher: Lauren Malinowski:


Creativity House (4th-6th Grade)

Teacher Assistant
Margaret Bean: Sarah Bell:
Katie Scheerhorn: Sarah Zapico:
Dayna Cranford: Kristen Doney:
Judy Smith:
Nicole Esthemier:
Michelle Pilon: Melinda Watkins:
Daniel Parent: Sandi VanKammen:
Shannon Stacy: Megan Willer:
Brittany Kimball: Katy Tata:


Wisdom House (7th & 8th Grade)

Teacher Assistant
Kelly Rose: Alexis Mosley:
Mike Groeb:
Gina Mousouleas:
Sheila White: Sonya Nelson:
Christi Elemont: Tammy Konarska:


Specialty Faculty

Special Education: Meghan Bryant: email

Special Education: Ramzia Saadi: email

Special Education: Shannon Wylie: email

Special Education: Danielle Pusilo: email

Speech: Kelly Polk: email Librarian: Nancy Pembroke: email
Music: Mike Begian: email Music Assistant: Diane Jolley: email
Art: Heidi Davis: email P.E.: Mike Ryan: email



Jamie Lake

Tim Wright                                    

Willie McDole

Spanish: Lisa Crider: email


3139782011 (5am-2pm)

7343084871 (6am-3pm)

7343084854 (1:30-7pm)




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Our family has had two children attend CMA with excellent reports.  The staff and teachers are wonderful and very attentive.  We have been very pleased with our experience here at CMA.  Both our daughters have excelled.  I have recommended CMA to other families who have also been pleased. 

Robin & Keith Howard - Parents