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Headmaster: Nicole Robinson - Email

Assistant Headmaster: Alan Carter- Email 

Board Liaison: Ron Wiens - Email

School Bookkeeper: Laureen Hussey - Email

Administrative Assistant: Diana Fencil - Email

Administrative Assistant: Carrie Simpson - Email

Discovery House (Preschool)

Discovery Director


Deborah Myles:


Concrete House (Kindergarten)
Teacher Assistant
Cathy Bryson: Dawn Loveday:
Carol Sysol:
Suzie Rushlow:
Kelly Kieselbach: Laura Grefke:
Charmaine Wright: Ann Jackson:

Megan Bruen:

Tracie Hislop:



Imagination House (1st-3rd Grade)
Teacher Assistant
Susan Baggett: Jannette Jakubowski:
Kelly Mitchell: MaryAnn Ibarra:
Rebecca Goins: Andrea Biggar:
Allison Goroni: Heather Ellis:
Sherri Whitney: Jessica Marosan:
Elizabeth Sivako: Karen Kaminski:
Lisa Loger:
Darlene Ficek:
Terrie Sicotte: Dina Moore:
Kristine Stetz: Kathi Prior:
Deanna Wall:
Natalie Trezona:
Lindsay Boucher: Lauren Malinowski:


Creativity House (4th-6th Grade)

Teacher Assistant
Margaret Bean: Sarah Bell:
Katie Scheerhorn: Sarah Zapico:
Dayna Cranford: Kristen Doney:
Judy Smith:
Nicole Esthemier:
Michelle Pilon: Melinda Watkins:
Daniel Parent: Sandi VanKammen:
Shannon Stacy: Megan Willer:
Brittany Kimball: Katy Tata:


Wisdom House (7th & 8th Grade)

Teacher Assistant
Kelly Rose: Alexis Mosley:
Mike Groeb:
Gina Mousouleas:
Sheila White: Sonya Nelson:
Christi Elemont: Tammy Konarska:


Specialty Faculty

Special Education: Meghan Bryant: email

Special Education: Ramzia Saadi: email

Special Education: Shannon Wylie: email

Special Education: Danielle Pusilo: email

Speech: Kelly Polk: email Librarian: Nancy Pembroke: email
Music: Mike Begian: email Music Assistant: Diane Jolley: email
Art: Heidi Davis: email P.E.: Mike Ryan: email



Jamie Lake

Tim Wright                                    

Willie McDole

Spanish: Lisa Crider: email


3139782011 (5am-2pm)

7343084871 (6am-3pm)

7343084854 (1:30-7pm)



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I have worked at CMA for 10 years and I love coming to work everyday!  The Kindergartners soak up knowledge like sponges.  They are as excited to be here as I am!

Carol Sysol - Kindergarten Teacher